Taming Chaos To Go Crazy

Back in December I decided to create Lighthouse Publishing which would serve to umbrella everything I wrote. Sometimes I would write about our journey in foster care, others about how I feel about current events, and all others I would simply write.

At the time it seemed like a good idea to spread these out into their own blogs. Let the foster care info go to Lighthouse For Wandering Souls, the current events be on Time To Give A Damn Again and the rest fall on Lighthouse Publishing.

I really don’t know what I was thinking other than I was attempting to focus all my brains chaos into segmented blogs.

Yeah I’m not doing that anymore. Going forward, I’m going to post everything on Lighthouse Publishing. I don’t plan to delete the other two as they have content I like and content I’m still adding to, but going forward I’ll be doing it all from Lighthouse Publishing.

Which means that site with get a bit of a face lift, but for the most part I’ll simply be writing…a lot!

My goal it to post a last something every day. So if you follow me anywhere, please head over to Lighthouse Publishing and follow me there so you’ll contour to see my ramblings. If you don’t follow me… why not?

Until then… be well, be safe, and be true!

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