Flip a Coin

Today was National Flip A Coin Day and I decided to have fun with it.

I had recently purchased some dowels to use to stiffen up the safety net poles on our trampoline and has a couple extra to keep around because I intend to make myself a bow to use in an advanced Tai Chi exercise in going to start soon.

So I took a couple of pieces off one of those dowels and made coins. This for me was easier because currently it’s just our two kiddos at home so I was able to use their colors (which we use to keep their toothbrushes, plates, cups separate and identified) for heads and tails.

So once they were up, dressed and finished with their morning chores, it was time.to decode on breakfast…

Today’s choices were cereal or sausage and eggs. The kids were not sad to get cheerios and a banana today since that’s one of their favorite meals.

Next we had some errands to run. I had recently swapped out a water heater and needed to dispose of the old one and a few other things so we set off to take care of that.

Upon arriving home though we were met by a stay dog. The kids, of course, wanted to keep it…I did not.

To the coin!

Yeah I might have fudged that one.

Then it was time for lunch so I let the kids tell me what they wanted and again let the coin choose.

My daughter wasn’t happy with that result.

The rest of the day pretty much went the same. Movie or park, potato or beans with dinner, Frozen II or The Greatest Showman.

All in all it was a fun day of laughter, letting fate decide, and learning not every choice really matters as much as we sometimes make them.

So what’s the plan for tomorrow?

Can you say ICECREAM!

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