Quotes – Session 1

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.


We all have those moments, those times and trials when we cannot put into words our feelings, fears, joys, or pains. I am nearly 41 (God help me I’m old) and I to this day have so many things I can’t express about events in my past.

Even as vast a language as English is, even when you look at other more complex languages, sometimes there simple aren’t words fo express those things we hold deep inside.

I attribute trying to explain these things to the complex nature of making a blind man understand the difference between white and egg shell or a deaf person under stand the difference in A# and Bb as you listen to a piece of music.

If there’s no context, the task is impossible.

But art bridges that gap becuase art can show the emotions that come along with each of those events in the artists life.  A singer can add pain or joy to their singing, a painter changes the pieces emotions by pouring his or her own into every brush stroke and color choice.  They may be subtle cues here and there, but without them, with anything different in their place that piece of art takes on an entirely new meaning.

So take a moment the next time your child brings you something they’ve created. Examine the moment and the piece.  Are they excited about what they’ve done or did they toss it as you and move on in frustration?  Was it something they took time to make well and beyond what you’d expect or is it beneath what you know their skills are becuase they rushed the process?

Art can give us so many clues about the state of our kids minds, hearts and souls. Use those clues intentionally and help your child enjoy the good days but also be there when they aren’t having their best moment too.

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