Never Satisfied

In case you don’t live in Texas and haven’t seen our posts on TicTok. It’s been raining A LOT in Texas the last few days and weeks. Areas of the state have seen flooding, there have been damaging storms, and generally if you have to work on a farm, ranch, landfill, or anything else where you play in the dirt for a living is been miserable.

Which has started the prayers asking for relief from the rains.

Prayers that irritate me to no end!

Why? Well just a few weeks ago many of these same people were being for rain. Just a few weeks ago we were beginning to look at water conservation and wondering what would be the next steps when the lake ran dry.

Now we have full lake, plenty of water for the time being and beautiful gardens to enjoy this summer.

So what’s a bit of mud if we literally got what we asked for?!?!

Seriously are we 3 year olds who beg and beg then throw a fit because we actually got what we asked for?

I’m not. I’m grateful for the rain. I’ve loved watching the storms roll through. I’m enjoying a sky that’s clean and blue again.

Thank you Lord for the rains!

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