National Day of June 13-19, 2021

It is freaking hot in Texas. Today we saw 103 here at the house and tomorrow and Friday don’t look much better.

I’ll admit I did skip out on the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie today because it was hot and because my lame supermarkets didn’t have an rhubarb. But that’s OK, we adapted and painted instead.

So for the rest of this week we have:

I’m looking forward to each of these becuase, I love Tea, we all LOVE corn on the cob, and I have something special planned for Saturday with the kids so stay tuned for that one.

And that leads us into next week, the BEST week of the year becuase my birthday is during that particular week!

Jk, but its still a good week.

So what’s on tap?

National Children’s Day

Sunday the 13th is a day to celebrate our children. Turn off the tech, slow down the usual pace of life qnd spend time with your kids. This is a good day to start a new family tradition, to teach your kids a new skill or craft, to gather with family and tell stories, and perhaps most importantly to listen to your kids.

If no other day of the year than this Sunday, spend ti.e reconnecting with your kids!

Flag Day/Strawberry Shortcake Day

This will be a fun one.

Start the day by having your kids help you raise the flag at your home (or office if you can). Teach/remind the of the pledge and talk about that the flag stands for and why it is an important symbol of our Nation qnd the freedoms we love.

Then go inside and cook with your kids! Strawberry Shortcake is such a simple thing to make and in a few days I’ll post the recipie we’ll use here at home.

Cook with your kids! They need the life lessons in learning to feed themselves and you need the memories of what being in the kitchen with kids and generate!

Nature Photography Day

I REALLY hope the weather is good for this day. I plan to take the kids to some of our local gardens, hiking trails, etc. with either their little digital cameras or some cheap disposable ones and we are going to try and capture some of their favorite things on film.

This will also give me a chance to teach them about nature, about art, as well as how they can entertain themselves without a television or game padd.

National Fudge Day!

The Saint that made this holiday is getting a sloppy kiss from a fat guy when we all get to heaven! I’ll take any excuse to make and eat fudge!

National (Stewart’s) Root Beer Day

My only feelings here is so we go all the way and have a root beer float? Yes. Yes! I think we shall!

Go Fishing Day

I really wish I could find an event where i don’t need to get a fishing license for this, but if not Academy will love me!

Gotta teach them to fish just to here them get grossed out putting the work in the hook!


The day we celebrate when we banned slavery. This day is IMPORTANT to never forget. Find an event, take your kids, celebrate our differences and our freedoms.

You never know who you’ll meet, what friendships will be kindled, and what you’ll learn about yourself in the process!

This is also National Flag Week and National Little League Week.

And for the adults, I did take note that 14th is also National Bourbon Day. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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