When It’s Just Not Right

In five years we have never turned a child away. There have been times we maybe should have and there have been moments we had to cry uncle, but we’ve never said, “No we can’t have them here.”

Until today.

Last night we met a child who has been in a local shelter for some time and were considering taking them as our next placement. The back story on this one is rough,  but we were willing to try.

But meeting this child, as much as we love all children and know their traumas are not their fault, I knew instantly it wouldn’t work. The trauma they’ve experienced is just too great and we’d be starting from such a wild distance of trust that we’d never get them to a place of learning, healing and growth.

And no matter the outcome of any case, that is where we need to be fairly quickly with a child.  There MUST be a trust between them and I and myself and them for any postive things to come from this horrible place they are in.

So we said no.  My wife is still going to do what she can to mentor and teach from afar since they were able to make a connection, but for the sake of the child, my children and our home…this wasn’t the placement for us this time.

And of course, God in His humorous ways has us looking into another placement already.  This child won’t be any easier to help heal, but they haven’t experienced the same traumas making a foundation of trust as hard to achieve.

Thing 26 is out there. We don’t fully know who they are or what their story is, but God does. So tonight I go to bed praying for the one who isn’t coming becuase they still need God’s protection and healing. I pray for Things 26 and beyond becuase our journey if far from over. And i pray for all the others out there experiencing the same fearful experiences as the 25 we’ve welcomed already.

Today was hard. But today was good.

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