Foster Care 501: Foundations

Foster care is an ever changing, fluid process. No two children. No two cases, no two case workers, no two seasons are ever the same.

I often refer back to “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” and Drew Carey’s repeating line:

The show where the games are made up and the points don’t matter!

We very often in the process of keeping up with the energy changing rules, the whims of a case worker, the requests of a family fall into feeling this is the truth about Foster Care as well.

Just when we seem to have it down, here comes the curve ball!

This ever-changing landscape is one of the many reasons I chose the Lighthouse as a symbol for our home and ministry. Sailors navigate the same waters each day, yet the changing winds, a clasping shore, a storm in the horizon can change how and where you sail without any real notice.

What our kids need in these situations is one steadfast guide who will always be the to guide no matter the storm, the season, or the changes around them.

Like the Lighthouse, it’s isn’t my job to change the storm, fix the falling rocks, or calm the winds. Our job is to be a guide, firmly planted into our foundation pointing out the changes and helping those affected navigate around it.

If we can keep ourselves thinking like this, we’ll be able to go the distance and love many in time. When we allow ourselves to fall into the water, to be caught up in the storm, that’s when we begin to fail.

For a drowning man can’t save himself and the world!

So for the next few weeks, let’s look at just this one piece of the puzzle that is, not just foster care, but all parenting. Are we building ourselves up on solid ground, or do we run the risk of being washed away the very moment the rains start to come?

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