Go and Seek

Today in America we are celebrating Columbus Day. Officially this day is meant to celebrate the arrival of Columbus in the Americas, but for me this day is a day I celebrate explorers in general.

I celebrate them, because few explorers ever find what they are looking for. Columbus was searching for a new way to reach India and the spice trade. He’d hoped to find a short cut. Instead he found lands no one in Europe at the time knew existed.

His voyage, meant to change the world of trade, wound up changing the literal understanding of our world for all mankind!

And now we are watching companies race to build rockets and colonize lands only found in the skies above. We have sent probes and studied these places for decades. A few men have even walked on our moon already. We think we know what we’ll find when we get there.

I’m more interested to find out what we come across we never expected to see! What mysteries lie in the vacuum of space we have no expectation of? How will we handle such great unknown experiences today?

And yet no adventure is as great as the one taken by three wise men over 2000 years ago. They to traveled the world over, transversing entire continents on the backs of camels, seeking a king from a religion they didn’t even belive in!

These men, sought something greater, something bigger than even the very heavens they studied every night. They needed something more.

And they found it laying in a manger in Bethleham. I sometimes wonder where their road lead next. What did that transformative moment do to their lives, their families, their destiny?

What will be your transformative moment? Where will the journey of seeking take you? What will finding Jesus do to your life?

No one may ever know the ending of that story except you, but in the end you are the only one who truly needs to know.

Go and seek your miracle!

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