They Know More Than You Expect

I took the kids to a fall carnival today and we started things off at their pumpkin patch.

It’s funny the differences between our children and our foster children.

The fosters gravitated to the biggest, brightest orange, most perfect pumpkins. Amazed by how perfect and beautiful they were.

My kids agreed but quickly gravitated to the odd shaped, messed up, oddly colored, and down right ugly pumpkins. When i got the chance i asked the kids why they liked the pumpkins they pointed out.

The little 3 fosters couldn’t answer me, they just liked them. The oldest who’s turning 6 soon explained in his way that we’re supposed to want the biggest and prettiest so we can be better than anyone else.

And i get his answer, that’s the answer the world teaches when value is placed on objects and things.

My kids though! Oh how they made me proud tonight!

My son, in his way said, because this one is different and that’s ok. I’m different so i want different!

My daughter’s answer was the best those. “Dad no one is going to pick them. They’ll be lonely, their made fun of, and people are just mean. I want to take them home and love them and make them feel good because that’s what we do! That’s who it family is!”

Literally the words! I wish i had recorded them because the power in those words coming from a 5- year- old mouth.

I pray every day they understand why we love those we do. Why we fight the battle we fight. Why we cry the tears we cry.

She gets it. She lives it, and I’m pretty sure he does too!

May her love of those different things, those different people be world changing one day!

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