Go and Flee Darkness

When King Herod heard of the birth of the “King of the Jews”, he lost his mind! Feeling his power and prestiege threatened, he called for a genocide of boys to occur in an attempt to destroy this baby and prevent God himself from fulfilling His plan.

A narcissistic ego ordered the murder of hundreds and possibly thousands of children.  And this wasn’t his only act of tyranny and oppression during his reign. He even killed his own wives and children at times becuase he feared they were plotting against him!

A relationship with King Herod was at best toxic, and often deadly!

Thankfull God knew of Herod’s evil intentions anx was able to protect not only the Magi, but Jesus and his family as well!

This story, often sugar coated as a part of the Christmas story and a piece of the prophetic puzzle needed to prove Jesus, is such a good example of what to do when a toxic relationship enters our lives.

Recently, and far too many times in the past, we have watched friends choose to stay in or constantly walk into toxic relationships. Every single time those relationships end in pain, abuse, or self-destruction through drugs or worse.

Some have even ended in death!

Matthew teaches us to flee. To run away. To escape these people. Sometimes it’s a simple as avoiding the people and going a different route to complete your task, other times it may be necessary to pick up and move, cutting those ties completely and beginning anew.

Which ever is needed for your walk with God to be right and true, I pray you make the hard choice to flee.

Because when you flee darkness, you find the light!

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