Christmas Prelude – Agony and Pain

He stood looking across Creation in tears.

The children He’d made, the Creation He’d poured himself into had fallen into sin. A choice to disobey condemning everything that was meant to join Him eternally to death!

Had He made a mistake?  Was something He’d made flawed in some way?

No.  It wasn’t a flaw,  but their freedom to choose that had brought Creation to this moment in time. Their ability to choose love and faith,  or knowledge of the war between darkness and light. It always had to be their choice, for forced submission was not love but slavery.

And God needed love, not servants.

So now they were all condemned to die, Creation was on a decaying clock. Sin would destroy all that was pure and all that He’d made.


Unless there was a willing, pure sacrifice which could defeat death and save Creation from the sin that brought their doom.

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