Foster Care 501: Foundations, Clearing the Way

Before you even consider becoming a foster parent, you are going to have to get your life in order! There can’t be anything cluttering the way for you as you begin this process. Unresolved marital issues, go work on them first. Vice or addictions (not just to drugs or alcohol, work, shopping, gambling, sports, etc can also be an addiction), get help for those first. Whatever it is that will distract you or make everything you build as a foster home weaker, go get that taken care of and under control.

Just like in building a house, you don’t want anything that’ll rot, decay, and cause a week foundation on the ground before you begin. Those things will only lead to heart-ache, not only in your own life, but in the lives of the children and families you are trying to help.

This isn’t the ‘what if’s’ either. Those things that you sometimes worry could happen, personal illness, car accident, loss of job, those uncertainties and maybes can only be prepared for but not always mitigated. Look at COVID, did anyone expect a pandemic five years ago? Did anyone expect jobs and health to be up in the air? No. Sure it was always a concern, it’s always something a smart person thinks about and plans for the maybe, but no one expected what we’ve endured for two years!

What’s kept us going, and many other going, is the face that we’ve build our home, our work on a good foundation. My wife and I actually looked into fostering many years ago and didn’t. Some of the reason was illness, but much of us was simply we weren’t ready. We needed those years of physical healing to better prepare our minds, our spirits, and our long-term plan.

Take your time as you begin to consider fostering and adopting. Get information, evaluate your life. Ask yourself are you ready for a full-on commitment to love these kids, to for-go personal time so that you can ensure their needs are met, to sometimes loose friends, give up careers, and more so that they have a chance?

Once you do that and know your life is in order to the best of your abilities, then you can step forward and begin working to build on that space in your life you’ve prepared and set a foundation for what’s to come.

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