Foster Care 501: Foundations, Preparing The Way

Part 1

Once you’ve cleaned up things and gotten the trash and things that would weaken your foster home out of the way, the next step is to prepare the way forward. This step is a glaringly obvious step in your life as you’ll begin to make changes to your home, your routine, your lifestyle.

Preparing will mean childproofing your home and bringing it up to you local foster care licensing standards. If you own firearms, you’ll need to have them locked up and secured. Take medications or just have general OTC meds on hand just in case, those likely will need to be locked up too. Exposed and empty outlets will need to have covers, fire extinguisers will need to be purchased and inspected, pools secured, chemicals stored out of reach, and then you get start working on the kids rooms.

And don’t, please don’t run away at this point of the process. Yes it’s tedious and sometimes ridiculous, but we are looking at caring for children who’ve been through hell, have rarely been taught about basic home safety, are going to act out in anger and confusion, and need to feel safe. If changing the way we live to ensure just their safety, to teach them the basics of life is something we need to do then lets take the time to do it!

Time spent now, carefully preparing the site for what’s to come will make everything down the road so much easier, so much stronger, and so much safer.

So let’s take a moment to breath and then start to look at how we can fully prepare to build our foster home step by step over the next few posts.

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