Go and Be Vigilant

After some time in Egypt,  and having avoided the massacre Herod had ordered,  Joseph was guided back to his homeland by another angel who had become the norm in their lives by this time.

Moving back to Isreal,  Joseph was surely excited to be returning home, to family,  to the place his work was known and respected. But he didn’t rush in like a fool. 

No, Joseph took the time to find out the whole story.  Yes Herod was dead,  but was the new king any better,  any safer? He didn’t think so! In fact Matthew says that Joseph was afraid!

So instead of returning to Bethlehem or anywhere else in Judah, under the warning of a dream and or if his own fears,  Joseph moved his family to Nazareth.

While this fulfilled biblical prophecy,  it could not have been easy on Joseph and his family. Walking away from home is never easy.  Luckily, and I know as a part of God’s planning,  Mary’s family was in Nazareth.

The important lesson here is that we, like Joseph need to constantly be vigilant. Evil and darkness are everywhere and if we let our guard down, we can easily be taken off the path God has for us. 

Even though excitment, family,  even our orginal understanding of the plan may lewd us in one direction, we must be willing and able to hear when that still soft voice changes the plans on the fly.

Sometimes the new plan may not be as fun, but at least we’ll make it through till we can come back and finish the original task we were looking forward too!

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