Point the Bow

At sea when a storm approaches, a ship’s captain has two options. 

Ideally they will find a safe harbour to ride the storm out in. A place where they can drop anchor and let the surrounding landscape protect them from the bulk of the wind and the waves.

At times, though,  running to a harbour isn’t an option. Timing and the intensity of the storm makes it all but impossible to get somewhere safe in time. In those cases, you have no choice but to point the bow into the storm and pray!

When a medical crisis hits home, very often we have no choice but to point the bow into the storm and charge forward on a prayer. Sometimes in those initial moments or hours, you can’t even ask for help becuase all you are doing is surviving the storm. 

It can be a scary, lonely,  agonizing time!

These are the moments your faith becomes critical. These are the moments when you realize that if God wasn’t in your life you would truly be alone. These are the moments you truly learn to pray!

You see, I can load you with all the information I’ve learned over the years to get you through this journey, but one thing is the key to making it all work.  One thing is the only way it works for me.

If I didn’t know Christ, if I didn’t have faith in the good days, how would I know where to find the light when darkness comes like a raging storm at sea?

Just preparing for the maybe begins, practices, and ends with faith. An illness, whether it be one that personal affects your body, or one that affects a loved one is a spiritual attack on the physical and mental health of God’s Created child! We were not meant to be broken, we were not meant to fall ill. Sin opened the door for those dark forces to attack us. Every illness is a battle in multiple realms.

Some are easy, a sinus infection can be beaten easily with a positive attitude and time in worship and a bit of man-made medicine. Take either away, and you’ll fight the battle until it gets stronger and affects you even more.

Where it gets hard is when the battle is against a chronic or life altering illness. When our body will never be the same again, it’s hard to find peace mentally and spiritually.

When a loved one’s illness alerts your long term plan, it’s hard not to allow anger, resentment, or worse to creep in and take hold within us.

Standing along side someone who is ill, someone who will never fully be what they were before is the toughest mental, spiritual, and physical test you will meet in your lifetime.

Do not accept the burden lightly.

And when the waves calm and the winds take a moment to breathe, do not hesitate to send out flares, radio for help, and begin searching for that tiny glimmer of hope shining from a distant shore.

You cannot walk this road alone.

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