Christmas Prelude – A Son’s Choice

I am stunned!

I, like Dad am heartbroken over the fall of His children and the angels who chose to follow Lucifer. I want to help make it right, but this?

If it hadn’t come from Dad Himself, I wouldn’t have believed it. I would’ve assumed Michael, Gabriel, or one of the others were playing a creul joke on me.

But Dad came Himself. Dad asked me to make the choice Himself.

My life, my power, my immortality, or their Salvation.

It’s always choices with Dad. He even said that I would be tempted bu Lucifer himself one day. Tempted to turn my back on Creation, on humanity and the others, and on Dad.

I was meant to stand at Dad’s side, but what is a Kingdom which has fallen after all?

Choices caused it all to fall apart. Can I truly make the right choices to put it all back together again?

My time was never supposed to come. The Son of an Eternal, I was meant to always be learning, growing, preparing.

Am I ready? Am I capable? Is there any other way?

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