Go and Prepare the Way

The entirety of the Bible, from Creation to Matthew 4 is spent teaching us and preparing us from the coming Messiah. Everything from there after is teaching us and preparing us for what’s to come and Christ’s return one day.

Our own faith mirrors this. From our birth until we accepted Christ and were baptized is our life in preparation to that moment, everything after is in preparing to meet Him face-to-face.

But the more compelling part of our journey and our walk in faith is where we get to be that someone preparing the way for another!

This past of us can be active. We can seek to teach others directly, guide others intentionally, and even risk everything for Christ. This is the calling, the commands we should follow.

But even if we try to move quietly and discretely, even when we are not actively following our faith, we still are influencing others.

Light can no more hide from the darkness that darkness can hide from the light. So even when we choose to turn away and try to hide the light within us under a blanket, the light still glows and the truth is still seen.

So what would you prefer the unbelieving soul to see? A light shining like a beacon in the darkness of our world showing them the way to hope, grace, mercy and peace or a light dimmed by someone who is ashamed of being seen in their sin?

We all fail from time to time. We all screwup. We are all constantly being watched as well so how we handle those moments are what matters most!

So light your light shine, let the world see you fall so they can watch how we reach up to Christ and get back up. Let them learn what mercy is, how amazing love is, how wonderful grace is. Let them see how to find those gifts for themselves by how you live in the moments between falling and getting up.

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