The First Calm In the Storm

There will come a moment in the storm when everything calms down. Either you are waiting for test results, surgical results, or your loved one is finally resting, and you have nothing you can do to be productive.

Some would say this is the moment to spread the word and seek the prayers of others, make sure babysitters are in place, or any of the million other things that will need to get done.

But this first lull needs to be the moment you worry about you!

When was the last time you ate? Had anything to drink? Used the bathroom? Things will get busy again soon and if you haven’t taken care of these basics you are going to wind up sick yourself!

So go take a few minutes to find something to eat. It likely won’t be good for you but try to find something with protein and carbs. Get a couple of drinks. I usually get something with caffeine and a couple of waters and switch between them. And go find a quiet place to just gather your thoughts, to cry, to pray and to make a list of all the other things that need to be done.

You won’t have long. Fifteen, maybe thirty minutes at most. But using that small bit of time wisely can help you keep up the pace to come.

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