Christmas Prelude – Chosen

With my Son agreeing to give up everything for them, now I must choose who should help us as we transform Him from a Creator to created.

Had the wretched disease remained on Earth, had Lucifer not been so determined to take it all, the choice would be easy. A child of Adam would bare my Son’s created form and things would be easy.

But things are never easy since Lucifer rebelled!

After he soiled the souls of Adam and Eve and caused the serpent to be cursed, Lucifer visited the rest of the children of the four winds. Edam and Ivi were tempted but stood the test, Idam and Ovo fell much like Adam and Eve, and Odam and Uvu, well they have turned from me completely.

So, do I send my Son to the ones who have yet to sin, but still could? Do I send Him to those who have rejected me completely? Or do I meet them somewhere in the middle?

I think the End, the Omega, must come from where it all began, the Alpha moment when Creation’s perfection was destroyed.

My Son’s created form will be a child of Adam’s offspring. He shall end this destruction right where it all began, by living, teaching, and dying on Earth.

And with that decision made, I know just who His mother will be.

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