A-Crux of Dragons – Chapter 5

“With everything we are potentially flying into and THAT was the sermon you choose for the first Sunday in flight,  potentially before the last few hours we exist?!?!” 

Captain Dawn rarely questioned a spiritual leader’s intentions,  but she was furious. She had heard of John before and always assumed he was slightly off in his brain,  but this was appalling.

John expected the backlash.  After so many generations,  lifetimes, and careers, there was one certainty: rock the boat,  step on toes,  or upset the masses and someone is going to yell at you.

Watching the captains face he couldn’t help but smile.  If she know how much her lineage had overcome to bring her here today.  If she knew the timid nature that was her ancestral namesake back on Earth,  she understand.  But knowing none of that his smile just brought rage.

In a voice so quiet his burned John’s ears,  “Do you really think this is funny?   Do you not realize…”

“Captian, please.” John cut her off mostly because he was currently a little afraid of the anger he saw inside her at the moment, another testament to her ancient grandmother’s blood within her veins. “The smile was completely unrelated to the matters at hand, you just remind me of someone I once knew.

“I guess I could have preached a less triggering sermon. I could have let these feeling fester another day and let them deal with it in a potential combat situation with twitchy trigger fingers. But what would that have served?

“Today they are dealing with their anger and hate, so tomorrow they can focus on their jobs! I know I’ll live through tomorrow, it might sick, but I KNOW I’m not dying tomorrow. Do you? Don’t you want a chance to make contact? To learn? To explore an unknown? To find answers and justice, not revenge and war?”

John turned and looked out the viewport in of the Captian’s office. “Captain, one of the directives I abide by as the “Nina’s” pastor is that I’m also the counselor for our crew. I easily could’ve tip-toed around the issue, a younger man might have, but I can’t.”

“Ok, I’ll give you that. And yes, damnit John yes I want a good outcome for all the death and destruction we are walking into, but I just don’t see it. What in the universe that can wild that much power would give us two seconds to talk and work on peace?”

Tapping her console, she brought up a holi-image from the Kranos sensor net. “And who build ships like this? Certainly not anyone who isn’t bent on conquest!”

John, seeing the image for the first time out of the context of the scenes of destruction stepped toward the holo-image and slowly walked around it. He reached out and took control of the image with his hands, zooming in on one of the creatures and turning the image to look at its left eyebrow. There he saw what he never expected to find after all these years, a scar only Excaliber could leave.

Standing straighter with shock on his face, John whispered “Kilgharrah! If I hadn’t live so many lifetimes I wouldn’t believe it!”

The captain was confused, “John what is it, what do you see?”

John turned to face her and the look on his face spoke volumes more than she heard from his lips, “Captain we have to stop immediately. That is no ship, that is a very ancient and powerful dragon and there is only one living human she’ll talk to.”

“John we have orders to make best….”

“If we don’t stop and go get this man, we won’t survive the jump to normal space in Kranos! Please captain, stop the ship and let me call him.”

“Fine! But two things, one you need to explain to me what you are seeing and how you know about something so ‘ancient’, and two just who are we calling?”

“Captain if we survive this week, I’ll declassify my entire personnel profile to your eyes. It should only take you about six months to read.

“And the man we are going to have join us is a bit younger than I but still far older than any of your crew. His history is technically as classified as mine.”

Sarah rolled her eyes, “Great more mystery on a ship I’m dosed to know better than anyone! Does this mystery man have a name?”

John smiled, “His given name is Myrddin Wyllt, but you’ll know him from childhood fables as…”

It was Sarah’s turn to be shocked by the conversation’s turn of events when she spoke the name of a man who was supposed to be a fictional as Earth itself, “Merlin!”

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