Foster Care 501 – Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers are the next thing that I want to focus on for a moment.  These are required where we will for foster homes, but honestly if you don’t have a fire extinguisher in your home GO GET ONE OR MORE!

In our home, we are required to have two annually inspected fire extinguishes in our home, one on each level, but we have many more than that around. There are the two required 5lb extinguishers, one in the pantry, one in a closet up-stairs, but there are also 2.5lb units in every other closet and a 50lb unit in the garage.

And while we have more units than we have to have, I still hope and pray they are nothing more than decorations for those closets the entire time we own them.  A fire isn’t something I ever want to deal with, but it’s always a possibility and quite frankly I do sleep better at night knowing I have a fighting chance if something does happen.

Now you can buy fire extinguishers at Home Depot, Lowe’s and other places and they are ok, but if you want a unit you know you’ll be able to trust, go visit your local fire extinguisher service store.  Get to know those guys and gals and let them recommend for you the proper extinguishers for the use they’ll likely been needed for.

Take the time each year to have those extinguishers looked at.  It never takes more than thirty minutes to have our inspected and a few hours to have them services every few years, but that small time is nothing compared to a unit that doesn’t do the job when you need it most!

Think about it this way.  If giving up coffee for a month to buy a good fire extinguisher is all it takes to get to your child when the unthinkable hits, then isn’t that expense much better than sitting at a burn center wishing you’d have sacrificed coffee instead of their well-being?  Isn’t knowing you’ll have a chance better than the heartache of not being able to try?

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