So you’ve taken a few precious minutes, and the backside of the eye in the storm is closing in fast.  Soon you’ll be busy again making sure your loved one is set and headed in the right direction.  This might be admission to the hospital and getting settled into a room, it might be off to surgery, or it might be heading home but with prescriptions to fill and other needs to meet.

Either way, you need to take these last moments of calm to prioritize the next day or two. Find some paper,  pull up the note app on your phone,  text yourself,  whatever it takes to get these things in order and written down,  do it.

What Do You Need?

Do you have water,  snacks,  etc on you to sustain you through the stress of the next few hours?

If not,  get them and make sure whatever the snacks you choose have plenty of protein,  carbs,  and if possible vitamin c. This will help keep your energy level up and your immune system working. Also,  try to drink at least a much water as you do anything else.  I know you are going to need caffeine at some point, but your body needs that water to keep everything in check.

Do you have a battery,  charger,  or both for your phone and/ or computer?

This is going to become your lifeline to the family and friends you are soon going to call in to lend a hand and that you’ll need to keep posted so make sure you are capable of keeping those devices running.

Is your vehicle in a good place for the next few hours?

Often we will put our car in short term parking during an emergency,  just to get to our loved one and make sure they are OK.  Now you are likely going to be sticking around for the next several hours,  make sure to move your car to something meant for more long-term parking.  Often a hospital garage or,  if available,  valet is your best bet now.

Who Needs To Know

Who do we need to let know first?  Are the kids where they need to be for a couple of days while you sort out things here?

This is the time to call your work, your loved one’s work and your babysitters and make sure things are lined out for the next day or two.  Go ahead and make sure your babysitter has a backup on cam if they need them and if need be have someone who might be willing to help you out for more than a day or two just so you can get things back on track even if that means a new normal for you and your family.

Who do I need to fill in on the situation right now?

This is probably,  family, close friends, pastors, and any appountments that are coming up for tbe next day or two. In some cases, a text is all you need to send, other you’ll want to call, but make sure to check this list a couple of times because you will likely forget someone.

Need Of Your Loved One

Do they have a mean to keep in contact with you?

Do they have their phone, a charger, maybe a battery pack? You can’t be in the room 24/7, you have to go eat and rest at some point.  Make sure your loved one has a way to get ahold of you when you do have to leave.

Do they have clean underwear?

Seriously! Have you seen the gowns in hospitals? I don’t want my…well you know… hanging out and I’m pretty sure no one I’m going to be caring for does either! So make sure they have a clean set oclf shorts, underwear, etc. so when they have to get up they can hold on to their modesty. This likely will be a need for someone to bring to you/them, so be specific and don’t forget some slippers for those cold floors!

And we could keep going. I’m sure there are a million things I’m forgetting even now, but this will get you to the next moment of calm (hopefully). At the very least by now you can take a breath knowing you’ll be able to call for help should a need arise. So take one more moment to breathe and lets get back to our loved one’s side.

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