Current Projects

Shattered Clay

Imagine if the Greatest Story ever told had more to it. What if we could see God’s journal, hear how the events we know from the Bible hear on Earth affected the rest of Creation, and even felt the fears, pain, and longings of Christ Himself? How much more personal would the story be? We are the clay, shattered by our own choices, remade by the grace of God’s love and mercy.

When Death Was Defeated

Coming March 28, 2021

The greatest story ever told, the salvation of all through the death and resurrection of Christ. We know the story, but what of the people and creatures there for those days? What did they feel, see, fear, and know?

Disaster Planning

In light of the recent pandemic and storms in our region, and the multiple times we have see the stores close simply because they were sold out, I’ve decided it’s time to write a series on planning for the unexpected and disaaters. Where do you begin? What are things we need to think about every day so we are ready?