We all battle demons. Those things in our hearts, minds and physical bodies that wear us down and hold us back. The past few days, those monsters have been hitting … Continue reading Demons

Go and Make Disciples

Establishing colonies and eventually states on a new world, moon, or asteroid is now almost assured.  SpaceX is certainly leading the charge, but others are spooling up and will likely … Continue reading Go and Make Disciples

Taming Chaos To Go Crazy

Back in December I decided to create Lighthouse Publishing which would serve to umbrella everything I wrote. Sometimes I would write about our journey in foster care, others about how … Continue reading Taming Chaos To Go Crazy

All They Need Is Love – Sacrifice

Our foster children are victims. Whether it be abuse, neglect, sex, loss, or even simply being unwanted, our children suffer at the hands of selfish individuals who choose to find … Continue reading All They Need Is Love – Sacrifice