Spring Break

After last year’s insanity, I was not looking forward to Spring Break this year. Last year the kids got out of school and never went back! It was a complete … Continue reading Spring Break

Selfishness Isn’t Always Selfish

If I’m honest,  I’ve been struggling the last few months. Covid-19 fatigue, a winter storm like nothing we’ve seen in recent years, emergencies here at home,  and the day-to-day stress … Continue reading Selfishness Isn’t Always Selfish

Taming Chaos To Go Crazy

Back in December I decided to create Lighthouse Publishing which would serve to umbrella everything I wrote. Sometimes I would write about our journey in foster care, others about how … Continue reading Taming Chaos To Go Crazy

Forming a Disaster Plan – Foundations

Originally posted on One Accord for Kid’s blog on>>>>> In light of Covid-19 and our recent snowmaggedon, we’ve all found that being ready for disasters and the unexpected is vitally … Continue reading Forming a Disaster Plan – Foundations

All They Need Is Love – Sacrifice

Our foster children are victims. Whether it be abuse, neglect, sex, loss, or even simply being unwanted, our children suffer at the hands of selfish individuals who choose to find … Continue reading All They Need Is Love – Sacrifice